After starting my real estate business with Keller Williams, I searched all over for a quality web designer to work with my needs and budget to bring my business to the next level. After receiving great recommendations from many business partners about Karin’s work and service I could not be more happier with her. Karin is very easy to work with and provides great ideas and helps bring the business to life.
— Trey Werner Real Estate Group LLC.
Karin Dreyer truly goes above and beyond in her dedication to her customers. She is extremely attentive to every detail and is willing to dig deep for answers. She works hard to apply her vast knowledge of creative and technical skills to produce savvy and effective marketing solutions. She always has ideas and solutions for my web site, online store, and much more. She is my go-to, and go-beyond, expert.
— Debra Fisher Goldstein, Photographer and Writer | Goldfish Communications
Karin simply does beautiful work. She has the kind of mind that can take semi-vague desires for graphic work and turn them into art. When I hired her to do the logo for my site, she gave me several choices in short order. In no time, we’d narrowed it down to my lovely logo that now defines my brand visually. I’m still tickled with it months later, whenever I see it. I’d recommend Karin hands down.
— Dr. Will Falconer, DVM | Vital Animal & The Natural Path
I have worked with Karin on two different web site and branding projects. Both times I felt heard, that I was part of a collaboration, and both times I was thrilled with the outcome. I especially appreciate how she took common threads and wove them through both sites so that two very different types of work share a branded look. I highly recommend working with Karin!
— Lizzy Flanagan | Real Estate
I approached Karin when I was starting up my online business selling all natural body products. Karin completely understood the vibe I was looking to create with the website, product photos and designed labels. Her creativity and artistry is a true gem!
— Andra Kruger | Laventel
Now when I look at my website, it just makes me happy! I always get compliments about my website! Karin is awesome at brainstorming, being creative and at creating a look that portrays you and your business! I love the clean, modern look of it, it’s easy for prospective clients to navigate through my website and it has a fresh and appealing feel to it
— Max Ruthven, Color Specialist | Let's Talk Color
When we needed a website, print branding materials, photography and a billboard - something that would stand out from everybody else out there - we turned to Karin Dreyer. She has an excellent “eye” for design, layout and photography. We could not be more pleased with the results, and she is also a pleasure to work with. We have had numerous complements on our website and the photography. If you are interested in something that will get your brand noticed, we recommend Karin and the incredible talent she will bring to your project.
— Tony and Malgosia Monje, Owners | Ultimate Cupcake
Karin is that rare combination of web designer who has both a depth of technological savvy, and - because she is also a designer - the eye and sensibilities of an artist. For an online business owner in need of web design, this is the absolute sweet spot. Karin not only listened when I delineated my likes and dislikes for the overall “look and feel” of my site, but faithfully incorporated them into her design. The result was what I call functional beauty.
I couldn’t be more pleased and impressed; thrilled actually. I gladly and highly recommend Karin’s services. I don’t like my web site, I LOVE it!
— Jana Jopson | Just You Imagine