What is a Brand Identity?

While a logo is a good place to start, a brand identity is the larger, distinct visual look and overall design that is associated with your company. Your brand identity must have both consistency and flexibility.

A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark, text or icon.

The visual design elements that form part of the overall brand.

The perceived emotional image about your business, product and or service as a whole.

A brand is a combination of how you define and promote yourself and how others define and view you. It also includes many other areas that are not part of the visual design side of your business. These may include your content, messaging and story telling. Customer service and the client experience are also part of a brand. The idea of a reputation is a critical part of defining the word brand. Some people summarize this into the very abstract idea of a promise.


  • Logo
  • Watermark or logo variations (monotone colors of your logo, transparency etc.) but with the same essential qualities.
  • Key color palette. (Primary, secondary & accent color)
  • Additional color pallet options
  • Type face (a combination of type to be used on your website and print materials)
  • Standard typographic treatments (ways to handle key types of text – a consistent way of styling headlines or pull-out text)
  • Consistent style of images, motion & graphics (social media icons & graphic design elements)

Places for your branding: (to name a few)
Website, social media platforms, blog, print materials (labels, packaging, business cards, letterhead & envelope, mailers, postcards, brochures, covers, books), email-newsletter designs, watermarks for images, books/catalogs/portfolio design, marketing, product & service, etc.